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Survival Lullaby


Anna Stereopoulou (Greece) - Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe) - Antye Greie (Finland) – Ruvimbo Tenga (Zimbabwe) - Danny Thompson (UK) – Soneni Gwizi; Virginia Phiri; Thembi Ngwabi (Zimbabwe); Petronella (Zambia) - Dixie Treichel (US) – Mavis Moyo (Zimbabwe) - Donna Maya (Germany) – Soneni Gwizi (Zimbabwe) - Gael Segalen (France) and Pamela Kenmoé (US) – Chiwoniso Maraire; Linda Gabriel; Ruvimbo Tenga (Zimbabwe); Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance (ZAPOTA) - Inge van den Kroonenberg and “the Genetic Choir” (Netherlands) - Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe) Jordan Thomas (Canada) – Mulenga Kapwepwe (Zambia) - Kat Bpm (UK) – Soneni Gwizi; Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe) - Luiza Schulz (pontos de escuta) (Brazil, Austria)) currently still offline - Patricia Walsh (UK) – Joyce Jenje Makwenda (Zimbabwe) - Sarah Washington (Germany, UK) – Annie Mpalume (Zimbabwe) - Sirpa Jokinen (Finland) - Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe) - Valerie Vivancos (France) – Mavis Moyo; Thandanani Women’s Ensemble (Zimbabwe) - Dinah Bird (France & UK) - Felicity Ford (UK)

A response to Radio Continental Drift project's The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi - I just listened to the selection and tried to isolate the things that resonated after the listening and just couldn't brush Mai Moyo's words aside. the looped chant from the Thandanani Women in the background are symbolical of this unity she managed to federate, from a lone voice to a choir, from isolation and survival to communion and elation.

Curated by Claudia Wegener aka Radio Continental Drift

The Remixes presented here were contributed by artists from around the world in response to recordings with women in Arts, Culture and Media from Zambia and Zimbabwe. 





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