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THE SLEEP IN OPERA - New CD out in March - Digital edition launched


Stockholm / Sweden

The Sublunar Society
"The Sublunar Society proudly announces a new record deal, with the French artist and composer Valérie Vivancos, aka Ocean Viva Silver. Her work is mainly focused on experimental composition, performance scores, situations and writing protocols that interweave life and fiction and collect "curious" experiences. 
In 2002, the Contemplation Room project brought together international artists for a show at the Overgaden gallery and events in various public spaces in Copenhagen. The Sleep In Opera invited the audience to take part in a five nights sleep performance in a bunker under the Hans Christian Ørstedn park. 
The background research had taken place in a neurological centre specialised in sleep disorders. Some uncanny medical tales gathered at the hospital were told to the participants as bedtime stories. Simple techniques to avoid snoring were applied in reverse to ensure the audience would deliver a collective audio performance. The sound was diffused in real time in the park above. Straight after the event, a short track was composed as a documentation.

In 2016, the original recordings, (exclusively sleep sounds) were excavated and used to re-compose a subjective narrative echoing the physiological and psychological agitation of sleep. 

For more info, click here. Available on all major download and streaming services. The CD edition will be released in March."

To the memory of Sébastien Sengenes.

Thanks to those who supported this project throughout the years: Professor Michel Billard and his team, J&K, Asmund, Kristine Ilsøe, Sophie Pucil, Cecilia, David Medalla, Sarane Alexandrian, Virgile Novarina, Robert Hampson.



The Sleep In Opera (2002-2012)


01 Solitude Entonnoir 08’01

02 Le Sommeil d’Albertine 05’49

03 The Hearing Trumpet 03’52

04 The Spiral Staircase 06’06

05 Namakkal’s Infinity 07’51

06 Playing Cards 07’47



Recordings were made at Service de Neurologie des troubles du sommeil - Hôpital Gui de Chauliac (Montpellier, FR) and Hans Christian Ørstedn Park’s Bunker (Copenhagen, DNK) in 2002


Composition: Ocean Viva Silver - 2016


Mastering: Robert Hampson


Front cover Photos: OVS - Le Cimetière Marin, Sète




The titles refer to artworks and scientific discoveries generated during sleep


Solitude Entonnoir: a dream by Suzanne Duchamp

Le Sommeil d’Albertine: a dream by Marcel Proust

The Hearing Trumpet: a dream by Leonora Carrington

The Spiral Staircase: a dream by James Watson

Namakkal’s Infinity: a dream by Srinivasa Ramanuja

Playing Cards: a dream by Nicolas Bouvier






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